GREEN Jelifish USA Snagless Crappie Bomb™
GREEN Jelifish USA Snagless Crappie Bomb™

Jelifish USA

GREEN Jelifish USA Snagless Crappie Bomb™

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 The Jelifish USA Snagless Crappie Bomb® 
Use them by themselves, with minnows, or nibbles!
All-in-one hook & weight.  Designed to eliminate split-shots & snags!
#1 minnow rig for tree & brush pile fishing!  
Our protected design simply keeps anglers from breaking-off and retying, after they set the hook into tree or brush pile.
How? - "Just give 'em slack & shake 'em loose."
- The Crappie Bomb's signature design is specialized for tipping with minnow’s, nibbles or using them by themselves. 
All Crappie Bombs are 1/4 oz. & Perfect for Ultra Lite or Long Poles.
- The Crappie Bomb has 3D-eyes for a natural-fish-like look!
- Our 12 different color variations allows anglers to catch fish in all water/ weather conditions!
The Crappie Bomb® vs. Split-Shot Rig