Apparel orders generally take 7-14 days to turnaround.   Our goal of course is to get your orders turned around promptly. HOWEVER, due to the shortage of supplies many companies are experiencing, some of our apparel orders MAY take 14-21 days for turnaround depending on inventory from our supplier.  We of course hope that is not the case, and we also need to make sure our customers are aware that this is a possibility.  In the event they will take longer than the usual 7-14 days, we will of notify you.  

We love seeing more and more people, and ESPECIALLY the kids wearing our brand and repping Jelifish USA, my Baliey is very proud no doubt!  Brad, myself and our family want to thank you for your patience and understanding, and your continued support of Jelifish USA.  You guys are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and we thank you.

With Gratitude,

Brad & Jennifer
The Jelifish USA Family

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